Fukuyama city’s Fench Restaurant L’ardoise

Catering Menu

Course meal format (Available from 10 people)

¥11,150 (tax included) 〜
※all course meals, venue setting, and cleanup included

【Course content】
You can enjoy authentic French cuisine prepared using seasonal ingredients from Setouchi by a chef who studied in France.

  • Amuse (a bite of fun)
  • Appetizers made with seasonal vegetables
  • Warm appetizers using ingredients from Setouchi
  • Fish dishes
  • Meat dishes
  • Desserts using seasonal fruits
  • 2 types of homemade natural yeast bread
  • After-meal drinks

※Ingredients may vary depending on purchasing status.

All-you-can-drink (separate consultation required)
90 minutes ¥2,050 (tax included) ~
Beer, wine, oolong tea, orange juice, etc.

Buffet style (Available from 20 people)

¥6,750 (tax included) 〜
※all inclusive of buffet food, venue setting, and cleanup

【Cooking content】
Depending on your party style, we will arrange it according to your party style, such as a single-bite à la carte dish or a main platter dish surrounded by everyone.

  • Kajitani Farm Salad
  • Cheese toast
  • French prosciutto ham
  • French-style tempura
  • Spanish Omelette
  • Roast chicken
  • Homemade hamburger steak
  • Setouchi beef steak

※Ingredients may vary depending on purchasing status.
※The contents of the dishes vary depending on the price.

All-you-can-drink (90 minutes ¥2,050 (incl. tax) and up)
upon consultation (beer, wine, oolong tea, orange juice, etc.)

For reservations, please pay in advance using the link below.
Please make your reservation at least 7 days in advance.

ビジネス営業部 005
普通 3154508

Changes or cancellations to orders will be accepted up to 2 days before the reservation date.
If you change your reservation after that time, a change/cancellation fee will be charged.

Cancellation fees are as follows.

  • 100% of the reservation price will be charged for cancellations made the day before the scheduled date of use.
  • 100% of the reservation price will be charged for cancellations made on the day of scheduled use.

※When booking an outdoor catering service, a cancellation fee will be charged even if it is canceled due to bad weather on the day.

Fukuyama City, Onomichi City, Ibara City, Fuchu City, Kasaoka City

※Travel fees are free for customers within 15km of the store in the above areas.
For other locations, expressway tolls and transportation fees will be charged separately.