Fukuyama city’s Fench Restaurant L’ardoise

“Delicious Lunch Filled with Seasonal Delights”

・STANDARD ¥1,950 (tax not included) (Choice of Meat or Fish for main dish)
・DELUXE ¥3,055 (tax not included) (Both Meat & Fish for main dish)
・FULL COURSE ¥4,950 (tax not included) (Full course consisting of many assortments of delicious dishes)

  • Today’s soup
  • Seasonal appetizer consisting of specially selected vegetables
  • Main dish (Meat or Fish)
  • Homemade bread
  • After meal drink

◆Please select one dish from the following below for your main dish

  • Today’s “Chef’s special select” meat dish
  • Today’s “Fresh Setouchi” fish dishes
  • Special Wagyu Beef Steak (Additional ¥1,400  tax not included)


¥4,950 (tax not included)

Standard Chef’s Recomendation 8 Course Dinner

This course dinner offers an array of dishes that the Chef specially selected and will cost an additional for service charge.


¥7,800 (tax not included)

Today’s Delicious Seasonal 8 Course Dinner

Utilizing the delicious ingredients of Setouchi and pairing it with the Chef’s ability to make magic, this extravagant course dinner will cost an additional for service charge.


¥9,300 (tax not included)

Special Full Order Made 8 Course Dinner

Special full course dinner custom made to meet your desire that you and Chef Fujii decides together will cost an additional for service charge.

Beer ¥600 (tax not included)

Bottled Beer : ASAHI SUPER DRY (medium bottle 500ml)

Sparkling Wine (mini bottle 180ml) ¥1200 (tax not included)

We also offer Half size and Full size bottles.

Recommended Glass Wine ¥800~ (tax not included)

We also offer Half size and Full size bottles.

Japanese Sake : Tenpouichi “Senbonnishiki Junmai” Glass ¥800 (tax not included)

Tenpouichi is a Japanese Rice Wine made by a local sake brewery in Kannabe.
Rich in Umami, this prefectly balanced Sake goes well with European cuisine.

Sea Breeze ¥700 (tax not included)

This refreshing Vodka based cocktail is made with a mixture of grapefruit and cranberries.

China Blue ¥700 (tax not included)

A beautiful blue litchi based cocktail with sweet and slightly flowery flavor.

Parisian ¥600 (tax not included)

Grapefruit juice with a splash of sparkling water mixed with the sweet essence of cassis.

Mimosa ¥600 (tax not included)

Enjoy an non alcoholic version of the classic Champagne based cocktail.

Nicoise ¥600 (tax not included)

A refreshing cocktail reminiscent of Southern France consisting of grapefruit juice and tonic water.

Guava juice made in Hawaii ¥600 (tax not included)

Tropical fruit juice full of vitamins.

Grapefruit juice ¥500 (tax not included)

Pure Australian grapefruit juice.

Ginger Ale ¥500 (tax not included)

Tonic Water ¥500 (tax not included)

Perrier ¥600 (tax not included)

Perrier ¥600 (tax not included)

Non Alcoholic Beer ¥600 (tax not included)

Asahi Dry Zero