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Here at L’ardoise we pays the utmost attention to the handling of customers’ personal information when posting personal information on our website.
However, we do not guarantee whether the content is accurate and useful information,
or whether or not the information is suitable for the website user, or whether the information is safe or not.
In addition, we are not liable for any damages caused by any personal information being use or not being using by an users on our website.
The information found on our website is subject to change without prior notice.

Also, please understand that the operations of this website is subject to interruption or suspension at any time.
L’ardoise cannot accept any responsibility for any damages caused by the user, regardless of the reasons, as a result of changes to the information contained herein or as a result of the interruption or suspension of the operations of this website. Exceptions will be made in cases where the provisions of law do not recognize the terms of this disclaimer.


Basic policy

Here at L’ardoise, we believe that it is our social responsibility to acknowledge the importance of personal information and to ensure thorough protection of it.
And by complying with the rules and regulations of the Personal Information Protection Law, we will ensure the proper handling and usage of our customers’ personal information to prevent any theft or improper use of information.


Collection of Personal Information

Any personal information collected through questionnaires here at L’ardoise, we will always indicate the purpose of its use and use it only for that specified purpose.
Personal information acquired in this manner is used only for the purposes conveyed to the visitor and is never used for any other purpose without first informing the concerned parties.
Personal information collected before a Personal Information Protection Policy agreement, will be used only for its specified purpose.


Disclosure of Information to Non-Affiliated Third Parties

Personal information that has been obtained from the said person shall not be disclosed to a third party, except in the following cases.


The said person has given consent

・Cases in which we receive an official court-order or documentation from the police concering the law.
・Customer’s actions on the site are subject to terms of use, contrary to the terms of our rights, protection of property and services, or in cases where it is difficult to obtain the customer consent.
・Cases in which we are contacted by a customer about the operations of our restaurant.
・Cases when customers’ agree with the sharing and disclosurement of information.
*Personal information will be used appropriately according to Article 23 paragraph 2 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
However, we will take down any information upon the request of the customer.


Personal Information of minors

Customers under the age of 15 providing personal information, please be noted that the customer must have their parents consent.


Protection and Security of Personal Information

L’ardoise maintains reasonable safeguards to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal information.
And also use addtional security measures to help protect your personal information against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or alteration.


Handling of Outsourcing Personal Information

We may outsourse the handling of personal information to another companies.
In these cases, we select outsourcers that are deemed reliable to handle personal information properly, and that they agree to a consignment contract which indicates the proper management of personal information, agreement to not disclose any personal information to third parties, restriction to the resuse of information, or falsifying any information given to use by the customer.


Inquaries Regarding the Handling of Personal Information or the Request for Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

In the case you would like to request a correction or deletion of any personal information that you have disclosed to us, please contact us by using the contact forum provided on our website. In this case, we will need to conduct a verification of your identity, and then we will gladly disclose, correct, or delete your requested information within a reasonable grace period.
However, we may deny an request for reasonable reasons.
For further details on inquaries of personal information, please contact us and we will do our best in resolving the issue.


Protection of Personal Information on Link Destination

Our website may contain links to other websites, and we does not accept any responsibility for personal information on websites that are not own by us. Regarding the protection of personal information on the other linked websites, please confirm the privacy policy on the linked website.


Changes to this Policy and our Privacy Statements

In order to improving our website and to protect your personal information we may revise our privacy and security policy at anytime.
Please be noted that we will not be able to notify all our customers individually of the revision, so please be reminded to check our privacy poliy page from time to time.
This Policy was last revised on March 31, 2017